Top 12 Trendy Purple Wigs & Hairpieces for Women

Trendy Purple Wigs

Purple is a color that speaks of many meanings. Likewise, it is the favorite color of many adolescent girls and even some adults.

What is more relaxing and elegant to look at, however, is a purple wig or hairpiece. Once worn with an appealing style, you will definitely look classy and stylish. To help you find the most stylish purple wigs and hairpieces, we have rounded up the top trendy purple wigs and hairpieces of 2018.

The Trendy Purple Wigs and Hairpieces in 2018

1. Hairdo Lilac Frost Synthetic Wig

Hairdo Lilac Frost Synthetic Wig

Achieve that classy, feminine look with this Lilac Frost by Hairdo. This long, light purple wig is made from synthetic fiber hair and looks very natural. What we like about this wig is that it could be styled any way you like it such as braiding, curling, or straightening it. With this, you can have various new looks that could improve your beauty. Among its special features include open wefted cap, open ear tabs, and a velvet nape.


2. Forever Young GoGo Girl Synthetic Purple Wig

GoGo Girl Synthetic Purple Wig

Gogo Girl synthetic wig by Forever Young is so natural to look at. It is a medium length, bob hairstyle. Additionally, this purple wig is straight and comes with bangs that make you cute and younger in appearance. It is most suitable for those with face shapes such as diamond, heart, oval, round, and square. It is about 12 to 14.25 inches long.


3. Lavender Dawn Purple Wig

Lavender Dawn Purple Wig

One of the best-selling purple wigs on the market today is the Lavender Dawn by Uniwigs. It features long, luscious, loose curls that are about 19 to 23 inches long. This wig that has a combination of lavender and purple is made from heat-resistant synthetic fiber hair. It also comes with lace front that has wefted back. Most of the buyers of this purple wig are satisfied with the hairstyle and quality of it.


4. Purple Breeze Synthetic Purple Wig

Purple Breeze Synthetic Purple Wig

This Purple Breeze Synthetic Wig is perfect for cosplay and Halloween parties featuring 22 inches of long hair with waves at the bottom. The color is ash purple and is very attractive to look at. Its special features include an ear-to-ear lace front, which makes it more natural to look at. It also has flex combs on the sides, which secure the fit well.


5. Hairdo Purple Splash Pony Hairpiece

Hairdo Purple Splash Pony Hairpiece

If you want a beautiful purple hairpiece, this Purple Splash Pony Hairpiece by Hairdo is perfect for you. This purple hairpiecehas dip-dyed purple ends and long wavy curls which could enhance your look. Pair this with an elegant black gown and you’ll be a stand out at any party or gathering. It is about 23 inches in length.


6. Light Purple Hairpiece for Cosplay

Light Purple Hairpiece for Cosplay

If you are looking for a wig for cosplay or for a costume party, this light purple wig is ideal. We’re confident that you will look very comely with this wig, which features 23-inch long curly synthetic hair and comes with straight bangs. What we like about this purple wig is that it is suitable for all skin tones. Also, it could be restyled in the way you like.


7. Straight, Purple Synthetic Wig

Straight Purple Synthetic Wig

Charm your cosplay and/or costume party with this Straight, Purple Synthetic Wig. It is full of volume and about 25 inches long. This purple wig is of high quality and made from synthetic fiber hair. You will definitely look confident with this purple wig.


8. Sexybaby Light Purple Synthetic Hairpiece

Sexybaby Light Purple Synthetic Hairpiece

This Sexybaby Purple Hairpiece is a beautiful shade of purple which is very feminine to look at. It is perfect for proms, weddings, masquerades, and even on dates. It is made from 100% Japanese Kanekalon wire, also known as KK wire. It can also be curled or straightened and comes with a few clips that will be attached to your existing hair. A beautiful purple hairpiece indeed!


9. Hairdo Purple Berry Hue Synthetic Wig

Hairdo Purple Berry Hue Synthetic Wig

The midnight Berry Wig by Hairdo features an elegant purple-berry hue and hairstyle. The hair is angled on both sides of the face and is straight in style. It is very attractive and appealing to look at. Do not forget to grab this purple berry wig!


10. Mystique Purple Wig

Mystique Purple Wig

If you are going to walk down the red carpet, this Mystique Purple Wig by Uniwigs is perfect for you. It is full of volume and beautiful especially paired with a sophisticated gown. It features 22-inch long, wavy curls and the purple shade is just perfect. It comes with a lace front with wefted back and flex combs. A win-win purple wig at these modern times!


11. High-Quality Purple Hairpiece

Lady 2 Colors Purple Hairpiece

This purple hairpiece has beautiful shades of multi-purple color and is of high quality. It is made from 100% Top Kanekalon fiber and features a long, straight hairstyle. It is also about 22 inches in length and comes with a natural hairline.  


12. Raquel Welch Light Purple Synthetic Wig

Raquel Welch Light Purple Synthetic Wig

The Light Purple Wig by Raquel Welch has a more sophisticated and trendy look. It features above-the-shoulder layered bob with waves and curls. It combines shades of metallic with light purple hues. The hairstyle and the purple color pair well and are very classy to look at. It is perfect for attending wedding parties or any other formal occasion.



Purple wigs and hairpieces are adorable and have a feminine touch. To elevate your look, try these classy and trendy purple wigs and hairpieces. You will certainly have that charming and pleasant look.

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