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12 Different Mommy Wig

Calling all women or moms out there to try the latest Mommy Wigs created just for you. This type of wig features a short bob or pixie cut hairstyle that consists of finger waves hair.

It achieves a projection of sweet and beautiful countenance perfect for you. In line with our goal to provide you a list of trendy wigs, we rounded up the following various styles of Mommy wigs:


1. Janet Collection Mommy 1 Wig

Janet Collection Mommy 1 Wig


Mommy 1 Wig by Janet Collection could make you achieve that sweet look with a touch of sophistication. It features a short pixie cut style with beautiful finger waves. This wig is made from 100% human hair and is perfect for any occasion.


2. Short Pixie Cut Mommy Wig

Short Pixie Cut Mommy Wig


This short pixie cut style of Mommy Wig has a nice natural look. This is because it is made from 100% virgin human hair. Certainly, you will look stylish, superior, and beautiful with this Mommy Wig. It comes with two straps which you can adjust to fit you perfectly.


3. Janet Collection Mommy 2 Wig

Janet Collection Mommy 2 Wig


Janet Collection Mommy 2 Wig is about ½ inch longer than the original Mommy 1 wig. It has a boy cut style with medium finger waves. This 100% Remy human hair also looks very natural. It is such a unique hairstyle that will make you look prim and proper.


4. Ombre Curly Short Mommy Wig

Ombre Curly Short Mommy Wig


Create a twist in your look with this Ombre Curly Short Mommy Wig. It is a pixie cut hairstyle with curls and wispy hairs that make you look feminine. This Mommy wig is suitable for daily use whether you go to school or the office.


5. Janet Collection Natural Mommy Wig

Collection Natural Mommy Wig


The Natural Mommy Wig by Janet Collection features curly and finger wavy hairs that make you look adorable. It is made from human hair. The finger waves are just perfect for this hairstyle.


6. Janet Collection Mommy 3 Human Hair Wig

Janet Collection Mommy 3 wigs


To project that more appealing look try the Janet Collection Mommy 3 Wig. It is made from Remy human hair and tangles free. It comes with medium wavy long bangs that set it apart from other Mommy wig by Janet Collection. Also, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


7. MADAME Short Finger Wave Mommy Wig

MADAME Short Finger Wave Mommy Wig


A very sweet type of Mommy wig is the MADAME Mommy Wig. It features short finger waves that are accented in front of your head. It is made from premium quality synthetic fiber hair. This wig would truly make you pretty and prim. Grab this one!


8. Jane Collection Mommy 4 Wig

Jane Collection Mommy 4 Wig


Janet Collection Mommy 4 Wig features bigger finger waves in front and falls straight at the sides. Certainly, this wig will make you look pretty yet smart. It comes with an adjustable strap for perfect fit. Also, it is made from human hair.


9. Machine Weft Brazilian Human Hair Mommy Wig

Machine Weft Brazilian Human Hair Mommy Wig


This Machine Weft Mommy Wig will make you look adorable. Surely you will receive many compliments when you wear it. It features a short curly bob hairstyle and it is made from Brazilian human hair. It also has wispy ends that complete the hairstyle.


10. Vanessa Half Finger Wave Mommy Wig Style

Vanessa Half Finger Wave Mommy Wig Style


Vanessa Mommy Wig features beautiful half finger waves. Its color is awesome with a mixture of blonde, dark brown, and natural black. The curls are all around your head and look very charming. This wig is made from 100% premium high heat fiber.


11. Retro Style Mommy Wig

Retro Style Mommy Wig


If you want a Retro style of Mommy wig the above one is perfect for you. It is a short hairstyle with beautiful curls all over. The front side is quite straight, and the sides have wavy hairs. It is made from synthetic fiber hair.


12. Janet Collection Mommy 5 Wig

Janet Collection Mommy 5 Wig


Janet Collection Mommy 5 Wig features large finger waves all around the head that is quite long. The hair along the hairline has waves accenting your face. This will make you look refined and lovable. The wig looks very natural because it made from Remy human hair.



Mommy Wigs have this signature hairstyle, which is a bob or pixie cut style accented with finger waves. They are truly unique and stylish. Certainly, you would look beautiful and refined with Mommy Wigs.

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