9 Best Updo Wigs For Your Special Occasions 2018

Updo Wigs For women

Special occasions like proms, weddings, or just a night out in your town always trigger the worn out question, “What will I wear?” This is especially true with ladies who seem to have a hard time dressing up all the time. Most often, the basic hairdo is the updo.

Nowadays, there are so many trendy and glamorous alternatives that ladies use when attending an event, especially a special one. With various styles, wigs could give you an instant perfect hairdo. Hair wigs can give you a classy, youthful, and dazzling look whether you are wearing your hair down or long for a glamorous event.

Great updos can be created with wigs. However, it is important that the lace front wig covers ear to ear to hide the seams of the wig. The key to a fabulous wig updo is to match your hair to your look and event. If you think that your hair might be too perfect or overdone, Ralph Lauren says that you can never be overdressed for any occasion. Here are some of the most requested wig updos for special occasions that most women demand in salons across the country.

Top 9  Updo Wigs For Your Special Occasions in 2018


1. Starlet Updo Wig by Perfect Image

Try the pre styled updo wigs. You can wear this versatile updo wig in a sophisticated array of curls. You also have the option to take out the pins and let the dreamy curls descend to your shoulders. You can easily wear the Starlet updo wig as soon as it arrives; as styling your hair is easy and you can have that perfect look you dreamed of in just a few minutes.

Starlet Updo Wig-1

Starlet Updo Wig-3








It has ten various colors that you can choose from. This includes K43, K63, K83, K123, K215, K225, K307, K5027, K14 or 88H, K18 or 22. The wig weighs only 2.7 ounces with top and side lengths of 4 inches and a front length of 4 1/2 inches. It has 8 ¾ inches length at its center back and 5 ½ inch length at the nape.

2. Olivia Updo Wig by Perfect Image

The airy and huge layer of waves and curls give this gorgeous wig a flattering, round shape packed with body and dimension. The Olivia Updo Wig frames the face with its curly sides and side-swept borders. If you want a looser curl, you can simply fluff the wig with your fingers. The Olivia Updo Wig is pre-styled so you can easily wear it as soon as it arrives.

Olivia Updo Wig-1

Olivia Updo Wig-2








The Olivia Updo Wig is available in 12 colors: K43, K63, K83, K123, K215, K225, and K307. You can also have it in colors such as K5027, K14 or 88H, K18 or 22, K569, and K3059. It is just 2.7 ounces in weight and has 5 ¾ inches front length. Its top length is six inches while its sides, back, crown, and nape are 3 ½ inches, 2 ½ inches, 7 ½ inches, and 2 ¼ inches respectively. It also comes with an extended nape which is ¾ inches in length.

3. Seductive Updo by Perfect Image

Getting a chic look is now easy with the Seductive Updo Wig by Perfect Image. This updo wig has hot curls with beautiful volume. The wig is pre-styled and you can wear it anytime you want. Now you can have the look that you always dreamed of with a Seductive Updo Wig.

Seductive Updo wigs-1Seductive Updo wigs-3








The Seductive Updo Wig is available in ten colors such as K43, K63, K83, K123, K215, and K225. You can also pick colors like K307, K5027, K14 or 88H, and K18 or 22. This type of updo wig is lightweight and only weighs 2.8 ounces with front and top lengths of 5 ½ inches. Its side and center back lengths are 6 ½ inches while its nape measures 2 inches in length with an extended nape of ¾ inches.

4. Amore Updo Wig by Perfect Image

This updo wig will give you a radiance that will make you turn heads wherever you go. Pair it with a nice dress and you are perfect for a party or a date. The Amore Updo Wig is pre-styled and it is very easy to use. You can check the instruction included in the wig.

Amore Updo Wig-2Amore Updo Wig-1








It is available in ten colors namely K43, K63, K83, K123, K215, and K225. You can also choose other colors such as K307, K5027, K14 or 88H, and K18 or 22. The Amore Updo Wig is not heavy on the head since it only weighs 2.09 ounces. It has 5 ¼ inches front and top length and 6 ¾ side length. The Amore Updo Wig has 2 inches back length, 1 ¾ inches nape length and 6 ¼ inches crown length with an extended nape length of ¾.

5. Monique Updo Wig by Perfect Image

The Monique Updo Wig allows you to achieve that European flair and drama that you always desire. You can style the updo wigs with bangs while the back is upswept to give emphasis to your neck. This updo wig is pre-styled and ready to wear. You can modify it to your preference; just follow the instructions included with the wig.

Bold Brown Smooth Updo-1Bold Brown Smooth Updo-2








It is available in ten colors namely K43, K63, K83, K123, K215, and K225. You can also choose K307, K5027, K14 or 88H, and K18 or 22. The Monique Updo Wig is lightweight and only weighs 2.6 ounces with front 3 1\2 inches front length. It has 4 inches top length and 5 1/2 inches length on the sides. Its center back and nape is 2 ½ inches in length while its crown is 3 inches with the extended nape of ½ inches.

6. Bold Brown Smooth Updo by Sin City Wigs

Monique Updo Wig-1

Monique Updo Wig-3








The Bold Brown Smooth Updo is an elegantly styled wig, which gives a stylish look that complements your off-shoulder or tube dress. You can wear it without the bangs to give emphasis to your facial features. This pre-styled updo wig can let you wear it as soon as it arrives. It is medium in length and is made of synthetic hair. It only comes in one color, brown, which is shown in the pictures.

7. Smooth Curls Updo Wig by Sin City

Smooth Curls Updo Wig-1

This custom-styled wig boasts of its big curls. It is a full wig made of synthetic hair and comes only in one color; red updo wig, as shown in the pictures. The Smooth Curls Updo Wig has a classic cap construction and its texture is straight. Since it is custom-styled, you can be assured that there is no other wig that will look exactly the same as yours.

8. Classic Neat Updo Wig by Sin City

Classic Neat Updo Wig-1

The Classic Neat Updo Wig is the kind of style that you should wear when you want to exude an air of elegance at a party. You can actually wear it with bangs, just make sure to style them so they do not keep going into your eyes. This updo wig will make an impact that will last all night.

9. Two-Tone Blonde and Brown Curl Updo Bespoke Wig

Two-Tone Blonde and Brown Soft Curl Updo-1

Show off your neck and decollete with this stylish two-tone blonde updo wig and brown soft curl updo bespoke wig. This glamorous updo wig has a beautiful color play that underlines a complex style full of movement. It has soft tendrils around the neck and on both sides of the face. This updo wig has an adjustable cap that can fit up to a 60cm head circumference.


Updo wigs are classic styles that attract attention in every part of the civilized world, whether it is an important event or just an ordinary day. If you will be attending a prom, a wedding ceremony, a ball, or any type of special occasion, wearing an updo wig or updo hairpieces is a sure fire way to style up and look awesome.

Image Resources: thewigcompany.com



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